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My attention was brought to this theme when researching a German offensive on the Russian front for a war game. I was looking at a multi volume work called "Kriegstagebuch des Oberkommandos der Werhrmacht" or in English, War Diaries of the German High Command.

I knew all of the main ones like Seelöwe and Barbarossa and such like, but I started finding names that I had never come across before. It has taken several weeks to compile this list and even though it runs into over 240 operational code words, I am sure there must be more. I have split them up into theaters of operations for easy reference, pre-war, western front, Mediterranean and eastern fronts. They are further split into years 1940 to 1945.

OKW Headquartiers at Rastenburg

FALL ROT (Case Red) Plan for a two front war, mainly against France, 1935.

SCHULUNG (Schooling) Operational plan for an attack on Czechoslovakia and a defence in the west, 1935.

FALL GRÜN (Case Green) Another plan for a two front war, this time with the main attack against Czechoslovakia, western front being a secondary attack, 1937.

FALL OTTO ( Case Otto) Operational study in case of the restoration of the monarchy in Austria, 1937.

FALL RICHARD ( Case Richard) Plans for a Kriegemarine attack against Communist Spain, 1937.

FALL ROT-GRÜN ( Case Red-Green) Combination of Case Red and Case Green, with the main attack in the south-east, 1937.

FALL BLAU (Case Blue) Operational plans for a Luftwaffe attack against Great Britain 1938-1939.

Z-PLAN (Plan Z) The construction plans for the Kriegsmarine in a ten year projection 1938-1948, the first rejected version was called the Y-Plan.

GELB (Yellow) German offensive in the west October 1939-May 1940.

WEISS (White) German offensive against Poland 1939.


ADLERTAG (Eagle Day) Air war against England 1940

ATTILA Planned support should Weygand fall from power or if the French fleet goes over to England. Replaced by a plan in 1942 of the same name.

HARTMUT U-boat operations to protect Operation Weserübung (Denmark and Norway).

HERBSTREISE (Autumn Journey) Code Word for fake operations in Norway and Holland during the planned landings in England September 1940.

MARIANNE E-Boat attacks on Dover December 1940.

NORD (North) Early name for the operations in Norway, sometimes known as N.

NORDMARK (Northern Borderland) German Kriegsmarine operations February 1940.

OPERATION ROT (Operation Red) Second phase of the invasion of France.

OSKAR E-Boat operations at Dover December 1940.

ROT (Red) See Operation Rot.

SEELÖWE (Sealion) Planned invasion of England 1940-41.

TANNENBAUM (Pine Tree) Operational plan against the Swiss.

WESERÜBUNG ( Weser Exercise) Operations against Denmark and Norway.

WIKINGER (Vikings) Kriegsmarine Destroyer operations off Doggerbank February 1940.


AUGSBURG A E-Boat attacks off Eastbourne February 1941.

AUGSBURG B E-Boat attacks off Eastbourne March 1941.

HAIFISCH I (Shark one) Fake attack planned on England from North France.

HAIFISCH II (Shark two) Variant on Haifisch I proposed by OB West.

HARPUNE (Harpoon) Fake attack planned on England from Norway.

JUNO Kriegsmarine operations June 1941.

RENATE E-Boat operations off Dover January 1941.

RHEINÜBUNG (Rhine Exercise) Battleship Bismarck operations in the Atlantic.

WEBER (Weaver) Kriegsmarine operations on the English south-east coast January 1941.


ANTON The march into Vichy France, November 1942.

ATTILA The planned (1942) occupation of Vichy France, replaced by Anton.

CERBERUS The Channel Dash, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen leave Brest and enter the North Sea.

ELCH (Elk) Build up of forces in Norway, 7th April 1942.

PAUKENSCHLAG (Beat the Drums) U-Boat operations on the American coast, January 1942.

REGENBOGEN (Rainbow) Operations against an Allied convoy in the North Sea, 31st December 1942.

RÖSSELSPRUNG* (Knights Move) Sea and air attacks against an Allied convoy in the North Sea, July 1942. *(Rösselsprung also used in Yugoslavia 1944).

SCHNEE (Snow) Build up of forces in Norway December 1942.

SEELÖWE (Sealion) Planned invasion of England, dropped in February 1942.

WOLKE (Cloud) Extra forces sent to Norway in November 1942´.


BRUNHILDE The building of the 282nd Infantry Division from the remnants of the 182nd and the 165th Reserve Divisions.

FALKE (Falcon) Expected Allied Landing in Norway 1943.

GROSSKRAFTWERK NORDWEST (Power Plants in the north-west) The planned rocket bases for the further attacks against England.

HANNA Expected Allied landings in Denmark 1943.

WESTFALL Expected Allied landings in northern France 1943.


ABWEHRSCHLACHT (Defensive battle) Original name for the Ardennes offensive.

BLUME I, BLUME II (Flowers one and two) Allied landing in France, I. Channel Coast, II. The Southern coast.

DOKTOR GUSTAV NAGEL Expected Allied landings in Denmark and Norway 1944.

GREIF (Griffin) Operations behind the front lines in the Ardennes offensive.

HERBSTNEBEL (Autumn Fog) Early name for the Ardennes offensive (also the name for operations in northern Italy 1944).

NORDWIND (North Wind) Offensive in Alsass, 31st December 1944.

WACHT (Guard) Early name for Ardennes offensive.

WACHT AM RHEIN ( Guard the Rhine) Final name for the Ardennes Offensive.


BODENPLATTE (Ground Plate) Luftwaffe all out attack against the Allied air forces, 1st January 1945.

WESTGOTEN-BEWEGUNG (West Goths Movement) Moving the Home Forces to the western front.

ZAHNARZT (Dentist) Offensive in Elsass, January 1945.


ALPENVIELCHEN (Cyclamen) Planed operations in Albania.

FELIX Planed occupation of Gibaltar with Spanish help.

HANNIBAL Planed occupation of the island of Lemnos.

ISABELLA Plans against a British landing in Spain and Portugal.

MARITA German offensive plans against Greece 1940.


KAMELIE Plan for the occupation of Corsica.

MERKUR (Mercury) Occupation of Crete.

SONNENBLÜME (Sun Flowers) Plans for German help in North Africa.


AIDA Attacks in Egypt, June/July 1942.

BRAUN (Brown) The building of a bridgehead in Tunis, November 1942.

GISELA Plans for the occupation of northern Spanish ports should the Allies invade Spain, October 1942-Spring 1943.

HERKULES Planed invasion of Malta, April-August 1942.

ILONA As per GISELA, but May-October 1942.

LILA Occupation of Toulon and the capture of the French fleet.

THESEUS Plan of attack for Panzerarmee Afrika, May 1942.


ACHSE (Axis) Plan for the disarming of Italian forces.

ADLER (Eagle) Plan for mopping up Italian forces in Fiume-Zara-Split and various islands.

ALARICH Occupation of Italy after the Italian surrender.

DELTA Mopping up operations in west Greece.

DORA Special Command in North Africa.

EICHE (Oak) Plan to place Mussolini back in power.

EISBÄR (Pola Bear) Occupation of the island of Cos.

FEUERSTEIN (Flint Stone) Securing the Alpine Passes after the Italian surrender.

FORELLE 1,2 Plans against British moves in the Aegean islands.

GERTRUD German and Bulgarian plans should Turkey enter the war.

HERBSTGEWITTER II (Autumn Thunder Storm Two) Anti-partisan action in Bosnia.

ISTRIEN Anti-partisan operations in Italy, Armeegruppe B.

KONSTANTIN German march into the Italian areas of the Balkans after the Italian surrender.

KOPENHAGEN Occupation of the Alpen Passes on the French-Italian border after the Italian surrender (Mont Cenis).

KUGELBLITZ (Ball of Lightning) Cleaning up in eastern Bosnia.

LEOPARD Occupation of Lemnos

MARDER I (Marten One) Expected Allied landing on the Ligurian coast.

MARDER II (Marten Two) Expected Allied landings on the Adriatic coast.

NAPFKUCHEN (Cake) Anti-partisan operation in Yugoslavia.

NÜRNBERG (Nuremburg) Increase to security on the Spanish border.

OLYMP (Olympia) Anti-partisan operations in Greece.

PAULA Anti-partisan operations in Serbia.

POSEIDON Operations in Samos.

RICHARD Additional operations during operation ACHSE.

RICHARD Landings near Rome.

SCHNEESTURM (Snow Storm) Anti-partisan operations in Bosnia.

SCHWARZ, SCHWARZ I, SCHWARZ II, (Black) Operations in Croatia.

STUDENT Plan for placing the Fascists back into power in Italy after the Italian surrender.

VICTOR Landings near Rimini-Venice.

WEISS, WEISS 1, WEISS 2, WEISS 3. (White) Anti-partisan operations in Croatia.

ZWISCHENSPIEL (Interlude) Occupation of Samos.


HERBSTNEBEL (Autumn Fog) Evacuation of the river Po positions.

MAIBAUM (Maypole) Operations against Yugoslav partisans.

MORGENRÖTE (Morning Dawn) Attacks against the American bridgehead at Nettuno.

RÖSSELSPRUNG (Knights Move) SS-Fallschirmjäger operations in Yugoslavia

WALDRAUSCH (Woods Noise) Anti-partisan operations in Yugoslavia 1944.


WALDTEUFEL (Woods Devil) Anti-partisan operations in Yugoslavia 1945.

WERWOLF (Werewolf) Anti-partisan operations in Yugoslavia 1945.


DRAUFGÄNGER (Daredevil) Operations in Montenegro

FREISCHÜTZ Occupation of Lissa, Dalmatian coast.

GUSTAV Landing near Genua.

IDA Landing in Istria.

KREUZOTTER (Adder or Viper) Operations in Greece.

LUDWIG Landing in Livorno.

MORGENWIND (Morning Breeze) Landing on the island of Brac, Dalmatian coast.

NIBELUNGEN-MARSCH The retreat of the 114th Jäger Division in the Balkans.

RÜBENZAHL Operations against Yugoslav partisans.

TREIBJAGD ( Beating, Shoot) Operations against Yugoslav partisans.

VERRAT (Betrayal) Operations against General Zervas.


AUFBAU OST (Construction East) German build up in Poland for the invasion of Russia.

FRITZ Plans for operations against Russia (Code name used until 16th December 1940).

BARBAROSSA (Red Beard) Plans for the invasion of Russia (From 17th December 1940 onwards).


BLAUFUCHS (Blue Fox) Movement of German troops from Germany and Norway to Finland.

DORTMUND Code word for the start of the invasion of Russia.

RENTIER (Reindeer) Offensive from the Polar Circle to Petsamo and Murmansk.

SILBERFUCHS (Silver Fox) Offensive from central Finland against the Murmansk railway.

TAIFUN (Typhoon) Moscow Front autumn offensive.


ATTIKA Offensive in the direction of Taupse, Sept.-Dec.1942.

BETTELSTAB (Reduced to Beggary) Operations by the 18th Army against the Oranienbaum bridgehead, February-July 1942.

BLAU (Blue) Summer offensive in southern Russia, April-July 1942.

BLÜCHER Attack by the 11th Army over the Straits of Kertsch.

BLÜCHER Attack by the 3rd Panzer Army against the Soviet breakthrough at Rshev, Aug.-Sept. 1942.

BLÜCHER II Occupation of the Taman Peninsular, Aug.-Sept. 1942.

BRAUNSCHWEIG (Brunswick) Summer offensive in southern Russia, July-August 1942.

BRÜCKENSCHLAG Opening a land connection to Demjansk, March-April 1942.

CLAUSEWITZ Second phase of the offensive by Army Group A, July 1942.

DAMPFHAMMER (Steam Hammer) Planed third phase of summer offensive 1942.

DERFFINGER Operation to link up the 9th and 16th Armies, Feb.-Sept. 1942.

DONNERSCHLAG (Thunderclap) Planed breakout of the 6th Army from Stalingrad.

EDELWEISS Planed advance to Grozny and Baku, July-November 1942.

EISSTOSS Operations by the Luftwaffe (Luftflotte 1) against Leningrad, March-April 1942.

FALLREEP Demjansk breakout plan, April 1942.

FEUERZAUBER (Fire Trick) Planed occupation of Leningrad, July 1942.

FISCHREIHER (Heron) Planed advance to Astrachan, July-September 1942.

FLASCHENHALS (Bottle Neck) Reducing the frontline by the 18th Army.

FRIDERICUS I Operations at Charkow, May 1942.

FRIDERICUS II Attack against Kupjansk, July 1942.

GEORG Original name for the planed occupation of Leningrad.

GÖTZ VON BERLICHINGEN Operations against the Baltic Soviet Fleet, April 1942.

GRÜNSPECHT (Green Woodpecker) Anti-partisan operations south of Brjansk by the 2nd Panzer Armee.

HANNOVER I Operations by the 4th Army south of Wjasma, June 1942.

HANNOVER II Operations by the 4th Army on the upper Dnjepr, June 1942.

HERBSTLAUB (Autumn Leaves) Planed destruction of the Soviets at Krasnoarmeisk-Beketowa by the 4th Army, September 1942.

HERBSTZEITLOSE (Classic Autumn) Planed attacks by the 6th Army between the Don and the Volga, September-October 1942.

KLABAUTERMANN Operations by the German and Italian light Naval forces on Lake Ladoga, July-November 1942.

KLETTE (Burdock) 2nd Pz.Armee operations against partisans at Brjansk, July 1942.

KREML (Kremlin) Fake attack plans against Moscow, May-July 1942.

LACHSFANG (Salmon Catch) Planed Finnish and German attack against the Murmansk railway, July-October 1942.

LANDBRÜCKE (Land Bridge) Operations at Demjansk, April 1942-February 1943.

LICHTSCHLAG Operations at Cholm on the Lowat, October-November 1942.

MARS I Rumanian operations for summer 1942.

MARS II Italian operations for summer 1942.

MARS III Hungarian operations for summer 1942.

MAUS Operations from the Mius to the Caucasus, July 1942.

MOORBRAND Operations by the 18th Army against a Soviet breackthrough at Pogostje, July-September 1942.

NORDLICHT (Northern Light) Planed occupation of Leningrad, August-October 1942.

NORDPOL (North Pole) Operations by the 9th Army in the area of Nelidowo-Bjeloj, March-May 1942.

ORKAN (Hurricane) Planed summer offensive for Army Group Mitte, May-June 1942.

PUSSTA 16th Army operations Pustynja-Dedno, October-November 1942.

RAUBTIER (Predator) 18th Army operations in the Wolchow area, March 1942.

SCHLINGPFLANZE (Creeper Plant) Opening of the land bridge between Staraja Russa and Demjansk to the north, July-August 1942.

SCHAMIL (Caucasus resistance leader 1797-1872) Planed Fallschirmjäger drop at Maikop to protect the oil piplines. 

SEYDLITZ 9th Army operations in the Bjeloj area, July 1942.

SIEGFRIED Planed summer offensive March-April 1942.

SPÄTLESE (Type of late wine) Cleaning up operations north of Smolensk, 18th September 1942.

STÖRFANG Capture of Sevastopol, June-July 1942.

SÜDSEE (South Seas) Attempted breakout through the northern ice to link up a trade route with Japan.

SUMPF (Marsh) Operations at Staraja Russa, November 1942.

TAUBENSCHLAG ( Pigeon Loft) 11th Army operations at Toropez, October-November 1942.

TRAPPENJAGD (Trapper-Hunting) Capture of Kertsch, May 1942.

VOGELSANG 2nd Panzer Armee anti-partisan operations north of Brjansk, April-July 1942.

WIESENGRUND Planed capture of the Fisher Peninsular, May-July 1942.

WILHELM 6th Army operations at Woltschansk, June 1942.

WINKELRIED Operations southwards from Staraja Russa and Demjansk, August-October 1942.

WINTERGEWITTER (Winter Storm) Planed offensive to relieve Stalingrad, December 1942.

WINTERMÄRCHEN (Winter Fairy Story) Operations in the Italian Don Sector, September 1942.

WIRBELWIND (Whirlwind) Planed operations for the 2nd Panzer Army and the 4th Army in the area of Suchinitschi, July-August 1942.

WIRBELWIND(KLEIN) (Small Whirlwind) Operations by the 2nd Panzer Army to the south-east of Suchinitschi, August 1942.

WUNDERLAND (Wonderland) Heavy Cruiser "Admiral Scheer" operating in the Kara Sea, August 1942.


505 Anti-partisan operations by the 2nd Panzer Army.

BÜFFEL-BEWEGUNG (Buffalo Movement) 4th and 9th Armies withdrawl from the Wjasma sector.

FERKEL (Piglet) 2nd Panzer Army anti-partisan operations.

FREISCHÜTZ Anti-partisan operations by Army Group Mitte.

GOTENKOPF (Goths Head) Operations in the Kuban Bridgehead.

HABICHT Army Group South operations in April 1943.

HAGEN-BEWEGUNG (Hagen Movement) Retreat from Orel July 1943.

HAMBURG 2nd Panzer Army anti-partisan operations.

HORNUNG 16th Army anti-partisan operations.

KRIEMHILDE-BEWEGUNG (Kriemhilde Movement) Blocking the Kertsch Straits and retreating from the Kuban bridgehead.

MAIGEWITTER (May Storms) Army Group Mitte anti-partisan operations.

MARGARETHE I Plans for the occupation of Hungary.

MARGARETHE II Plans for the occupation of Rumania.

NACHBARHILFE, NACHBARHILFE II (Neighbour Help one and two) Army Group Mitte anti-partisan operations.

NEPTUN (Neptune) Local attack by Army Group A.

PANTHER-UNTERNEHMEN (Panther Undertaking) Army Group South anti-partisan operations, April 1943.

TANNE (Fir Tree) Operations in Finland and the occupation of the Aaland islands.

WILDSAU (Wild Sow) 2nd Panzer Army anti-partisan operations.

ZIETHEN 16th Army anti-partisan operations.

ZIGEUNERBARON (Gipsy Baron) Army Group Mitte anti-partisan operations.

ZITADELLE (Citadel) Battle of Kursk-Orel.


BIRKE (Birch) Plan for the evacuation of Finland.

MAIBLUME (May Flowers) Code word for the cancel of Op.Margarethe.

TROJANISCHES PFERD (Trojan Horse) Sub-section of Op.Margarethe, the occupation of Budapest.


BIRKHAHN Plan for the evacuation of northern Norway.

OSTGOTEN-BEWEGUNG (East Goths Movement) Movement of home forces to the eastern front.


ANTIMON Delivery of supplies to Rumania.

BLEI (Lead) Delivery of supplies to Rumania.

EISENHAMMER (Iron Hammer) Luftwaffe attacks on Russian industry centres.

OLIVENBAUM (Olive Tree) Delivery of supplies to Rumania.