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Die hier gezeigten Abzeichen sind zu edukativen Zwecken dargestellt, aus diesem Grund sind sie nicht abgedeckt. Weiterhin möchte ich auf den folgenden Discliamer aufmerksam machen:

Disclaimer: Die hier gezeigten Abbildungen aus der Zeit des "Dritten Reiches", u.a. mit dem damals obligatorischen "Hakenkreuz", dienen der Berichterstattung über Vorgänge des Zeitgeschehens, der staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung sowie Forschung und Lehre (§ 86a, 86 StGB)

The following is the news headlines as reported in the German "Rheinische Landeszeitung" newspaper June 1941........

1st/2nd June 1941. The Crete battle is almost at an end. A breakout attempt from Tobruk in North Africa has been foiled. U-boats sink 44 000 tons of shipping.

Captain Lindemann, the Commander of the Bismarck

One of the many forts near Tobruk

New flag for smaller Kriegsmarine vessels that do not fly the Reichskriegsflagge

3rd June 1941. Führer meets with Duce on the Brenner Pass. Third British air raid on Sfax in Vichy Tunisia.

Map showing the importance of Crete to the war effort

Mountain troops land on Crete in Ju52 transport aircraft

4th June 1941. Harbours at Tyne and Humber bombed. 21.000 tons of shipping sunk from a British convoy.

5th June 1941. RAF bomb Beirut. Kaiser Wilhelm II dies. 7 British ships sunk in Atlantic.

6th June 1941. Knights Cross for Korvettenkapitän Schneider, the gunnery officer on the Bismarck who controlled the guns that sank HMS Hood. The news had been telegraphed to Schneider before the Bismarck sank.

The Führer meets the Duce

7th June 1941. Luftwaffe sink 15.800 tons of shipping.

Dr. Ante Pavelic, the Croat leader, meets with the Führer

Mountain troops on Crete

8th June 1941. King Boris of Bulgaria meets with the Führer. 30.000 tons of shipping sunk. Italian air raid on Gibraltar. Heavy fighting in Italian East Africa.

Supplies being unloaded in Crete

German troops near Tobruk

9th June 1941. U-boats sink 42.641 tons of shipping. English advances in Syria, Beirut bombarded.

The Goethe Medal for Art and Science is awarded to Professor Junghanns

Professor Junghanns, the Düsseldorf artist, on his 65th birthday with Gauleiter Florian

10th June 1941. HMS Calcutta sunk. English advance further into Syria.

Feldmarschall von Brauchitsch visits a Luftwaffe unit, on the right is Oberstleutnant Mölders

11th June 1941. More heavy fighting in Syria. Luftwaffe sink 10.000 tons of British shipping.


12th June 1941. General Antonescu (Rumania) meets with Ribbentrop. Luftwaffe bomb Haifa.

13th June 1941. General Antonescu visits the Führer. U-boats sink 22.700 tons.

14th June 1941. Luftwaffe sink 28.000 tons of shipping. Gibraltar bombed again.


General Antonescu and the Führer last Thursday

Admiral Lütjens, who died a heroes death when the Bismarck went down, is to be replaced by Admiral Schniewind

15th June 1941. Roosevelt puts Ireland and Portugal under pressure. Heavy fighting in Syria.

16th June 1941. Luftwaffe sink five ships bound for Gibraltar, 21.000 tons. Croatia joins the Axis powers. German-Japanese friendship Pact announced.

17th June 1941. 15 RAF fighter aircraft shot down over the Channel. A Royal Navy ship sunk. General Leeb 60 years old.

Himmler five years as Police Chief

Helmut Möckel takes over the Hitler Youth during the time that HJ Chief Axmann is serving with the Wehrmacht

18th June 1941. U-boats sink 32.000 tons of British shipping.

These Fallschirmjäger on Crete are using this canister as a cook pot

19th June 1941. Friendship Pact signed with Turkey. Afrikakorps victory at Sollum.

A look back to this time last year, the French surrender June 1940

20th June 1941. The British are angry at the German-Turk Friendship Pact. The Afrikakorps victory at Sollum, 200 British tanks destroyed!

21st June 1941. British Atlantic convoy attacked. Luftwaffe bomb Great Yarmouth.

A look back at last year, the Führer at Compiègne

Von Papen (who signed the Friendship Pact with Turkey) talking to Feldmarschall Keitel at the FHQ

General der Flakartillerie Schroeder, the military commander in Serbia

The Italian minister Pavolini visits Dr. Goebbels

22nd June 1941. 26 RAF aircraft shot down. 53.000 tons of shipping sunk by U-boats.

Mine clearing

23rd June 1941. German troops, along with troops from Rumania and Finland, cross the border into the Soviet Union. First battles. Cheering crowds in Rumania. Slovakia and Italy declare war on the Soviet Union. Swords and Oakleaves for Galland and Mölders.

24th June 1941. The battle in Russia rolls forward. British tanks destroyed at Sollum now stands at 237. At sea, 37.500 tons of shipping sunk.

25th June 1941. Heavy attacks on air bases in southern Russia. Soviets had crossed into our air space with spying missions 27 times over the last month. With Germanys pre-emptive attack on the Soviet Union, Churchills plans will come to nothing.

Soviets on their way to the POW camps

Border barracades are crossed

26th June 1941. We have broken through on the eastern front everywhere. Finland does not recognize Poland as a state anymore. 41 RAF aircraft destroyed.

With rubber boats, the soldiers cross the rivers

A crowd of refugees in the east gather at a railway bridge

27th June 1941. 50.000 tons of british shipping sunk. On the eastern front a corporal destroys 6 soviet tanks.

Soviet soldiers and commissars tried to escape capture by dressing as civilians

House clearing

Oakleaves and Swords, a new level to the Knights Cross, has already been awarded to Galland and Mölders

28th June 1941. The European Crusade, Rumania, Finland, Italy and Slovakia are already at war with the Soviet Union, now Hungary joins the Axis Pact.

Finish troops being issued with identity discs

29th June 1941. Spain to send volunteers to fight on the eastern front. 36 RAF aircraft shot down. 6 ships sunk.

Soviet bunker after it had been stormed

Oakleaves to the Knights Cross for Hauptmann Ihlefeld

30th June 1941. Two Soviet armies surrounded at Bialystok. in 7 days 4.100 aircraft destroyed, 40.000 POWs taken, tank battle at Kovno, 2.233 tanks destroyed. We have captured Grodno, Brest-Litovsk, Wilna, Kovno and Dünaburg. Advancing on Lemburg and Minsk.

A German General chatting with Ukrainian girls