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Die hier gezeigten Abzeichen sind zu edukativen Zwecken dargestellt, aus diesem Grund sind sie nicht abgedeckt. Weiterhin möchte ich auf den folgenden Discliamer aufmerksam machen:

Disclaimer: Die hier gezeigten Abbildungen aus der Zeit des "Dritten Reiches", u.a. mit dem damals obligatorischen "Hakenkreuz", dienen der Berichterstattung über Vorgänge des Zeitgeschehens, der staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung sowie Forschung und Lehre (§ 86a, 86 StGB)

The following is the news headlines as reported in the German "Rheinische Landeszeitung" newspaper July 1941........

1st July 1941 The march eastwards continues, Lemburg and Libau taken. In Africa the railway at Marsa Matruk has been damaged by the Luftwaffe.

Soviet POWs

2nd July 1941 resistance in Russia has been broken, the Beresina river is reached. 280 Soviet aircraft shot down.

A burning village in the east

First German troops in Grodno

3rd July 1941 Our troops are east of Bialystok. The Soviets have lost the following so far: 5774 tanks, 2330 artillery guns, 4725 aircrat and 160 000 Soviets are now POWs. 19 RAF aircraft shot down over the Channel.

Mölders after his 82nd air victory

4th July 1941 England has lost 12,432,000 tons of shipping since the war started, and in June alone the total was 768,950 tons.

Oakleaves for Captain Balthasar ( 40 air victories)

Stalin statue in Grodno is pulled down

SA-Obergruppenführer Jagow is the new Reichsminister for Budapest

5th July 1941 Greek fishermen report that Royal Navy sailors shot and killed swimming helpless German sailors. Two Soviet divisions and 156 Soviet tanks destroyed in two days in the battle of Dubno.

The remains of a Soviet airfield

6th July 1941 The Dnjepr east of Minsk has been reached.

The civilians of Lemberg come out of their cellars to greet the German liberators

7th July 1941 Many Stalinist warcrimes have been discovered during the German advance. So far 300,000 Soviets are POWs. In the battle of Shitomir the Soviets have lost 500 trucks, 18 armoured trains and 281 aircraft. The British have lost 44,830 tons of shipping. 17 RAF aircraft shot down.

A Lemberg citizen looks for his family murdered by the Soviet GPU

Ukranians discover family members murdered by the Soviets just before the Germans enter the town

The Soviet GPU prison building in Lemberg

8th July 1941  Documents have been captured in Kauen showing Soviet plans for the invasion of East Prussia! A Soviet GPU blacklist has been discovered listing Germans that the Soviets wished to capture alive. More German advances towards the Dnjepr and Düna. General Wavell has been dismissed.

The victor and the losers

9th July 1941 The Stalin Line has been reached. 26 RAF aircraft shot down in one day.

Russian women working in GPU prison camps

10th July 1941 17 RAF aircraft shot down over the Channel. 27 RAF bombers shot down over Berlin. 81 Soviet tanks destroyed.

People cheer as German troops enter Riga

These women tell how their husbands were killed by the Soviet GPU in Riga

11th July 1941 A further 25 RAF aircraft shot down over the Channel. Luftwaffe sink 21,000 tons of shipping and bomb Tobruk.

German troops have a warm welcome in Finland

Oakleaves for Leutnant Schnell ( 40 air victories)

12th July 1941 31,600 tons of British shipping sunk. More documents and eyewitness reports of GPU terror in pre-war Russia.

This Soviet train was destroyed by a direct hit

This Soviet bomb depot fell undamaged into German hands

SS-Standartenführer (Algemeine SS) Rudolf Bieber served as a captain in a Luftwaffe fighter squadron, fell for Germany

13th July 1941 Why war with Moscow? 2 new Stalinist documents captured!

Waffen-SS capture a Soviet flag, a civilian translates the writing on the flag

14th July 1941 Breakthrough on the Stalin Line!

Mosquito nets are handed out

The Soviets destroy whole towns rather than let them fall into German hands

15th July 1941 Roosevelt wants war at any price! He orders US Navy to open fire on any Kriegsmarine ships or U-Boats. The British propaganda on their home front says we have used poison gas in Russia, this is a lie.

Hildesheim: Oberst Bauer speaks to Fallschirmjäger after their return from Crete

Finnish soldiers march to the front

16th July 1941 Soviets admit that they fired on a German hospital ship with coastal artillery.

General Schmidt, commander of a Panzer Corps on the eastern front, has been awarded the Oakleaves to the Iron Cross

Even with a huge hole in the wing, the mission was carried out

17th July 1941 Roosevelts hate campaign continues, USA plans for Portugal and Spain discovered. Mölders shoots down this 101st air victory.

Luftwaffe General Danckelmann, Gauleiter Florian and the widow Frau Bieber

Another view of the rememberance ceremony for Luftwaffe hauptmann and SS-Standartenführer Rudolf Bieber

18th July 1941 Stalin calls 9 million men to arms. GPU terror in the Red Army grows stronger. Heroes of Crete visit the Führer.

One of the better quality Soviet roads!

Dr. Peter Berns, Leutnant in a Luftwaffe Bomber Squadron and Kreisleiter in the NSDAP, fell for Germany

19th July 1941 Smolensk is in German hands! British propaganda chief, are Duff Cooper´s days numbered?

General Ringel awards Iron Crosses to Gebirgsjäger who had served in Crete

Fallschirmjäger search british POws on the island of crete last May

20th July 1941 The GPU murderers have been chased out, in Smolensk is German law and order.

Three Knights Crosses for the Night Fighter Arm. Middle Generalmajor Kammhuber, left Leutnant Hahn and right Oberfeldwebel Paul Gildner

21st July 1941 Victory on all fronts! All over Europe the "V" symbole can be seen, V means "Viktoria" which means "Sieg", a German victory! German troops are fighting on the eastern bank of the Dnjestr.

Luftwaffe officers who fought in Crete visit Göring in his Headquarters, General Student introduces each man to the reichsmarschall

Oberbürgermeister (Mayor) Gebauer at the ceremony for Police Chief  SA-Brigadeführer Veller, who fell for Germany fighting as a Feldwebel serving in a Wehrmacht Infantry Regiment.

22nd July 1941 The Soviets are fought to destruction east of the Stalin Line.

SA-Oberführer and Generalmajor Lancelle, killed in action whilst leading his division from the front. Often would come the call "Where is the General?" The answer would always be "He is at the frontline"

The artillery units have a difficult time on the Soviet roads

23rd July 1941 Luftwaffe bomb Moscow.

A photo discovered in Oslo, Norway. Photos and secret documents of Roosevelt and others taken from a Free Mason Lodge in Oslo.

24th July 1941 Stalins son in German hands. Big victories in the Ukraine.

In the middle is Jakob Stalin, the son of the Bolshevik leader, after he had surrendered to German troops. (He had been a pilot with the Red air force)

Ceremony for the fallen Dr. Peter Berns in Mettmann (Düsseldorf)

Gauleiter Florian in Mettmann

25th July 1941 Victories in both east and west! Luftwaffe bomb Moscow again and also shoot down 54 RAF aircraft over the Channel. Soviets recruit 15 year old youths to build new units. Italian victory in North Africa.

These troops no longer wish to fight for Stalin, they shot their commissars and marched over to the germans

German-Spanish friendship on the eastern front. A German soldier looks at the medals worn by a 19 year old Spanish soldier who had fought in the Spanish civil-war

26th July 1941 South America comes under USA control.

Oberst Mölders (one of the most successful air aces) with a General during a discussion about the next operations

27th July 1941  Italian attacks on the Royal Naval forces in Malta.

German wounded with captured Soviet hammer and sickle badges

Adolf Hitler School in Sonthofen. Reichsorganisationsleiter Dr Ley, Reichsschatzleiter Schwarz and Reichsleiter Baldur von Schirach are impressed by the knowlege of the NAPOLA pupils

28th July 1941  After five weeks of battles in the east the Germans win one victory after the another.

Karelien. Citizens return home after their homes had been liberated by Finnish troops

29th July 1941 England and the USA working very close together in putting Spain and Vichy France under pressure.

A Soviet commanding General becomes a POW of the Germans

Everywhere in the newly liberated lands German troops see hungry Russian women and children, these are collecting spilt corn


30th July 1941 Battle of the Atlantic, 19 ships sunk ( 116,500 tons) by U-Boats. Vichy France and Japan working together in Indo-china.

Light halftracks cross a small bridge, whilst heavy Panzers have to use the river bed

31st July 1941 Churchill denies that the RAF lost 33 aircraft over the Channel in a single day. Germany suppies names of POWs and names of bodies recovered from the sea as evidence.

The Field Post follows the troops