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   A brief introduction to our hobby of reenactment and an insight into our museum projects in Germany, Holland and the UK.

   The Reenactment group was formed in December 2010 in North-West Germany by Bill Medland and Guy Ticehurst,our interests are in the british Regiments of both Napoleonic and World war Two reenactment. However we also reenact German Wehrmacht with groups in Germany and Holland. 

   Most of our little group are British expats and the group language is mainly English. As well as reenactment, the group members take part in photo shoots, museum work and a host of other historically related subjects. We work close with other groups in Germany and abroad.

We wish to stress that we are collectors and hobby historians, and not neo-nazis. This is not a group supporting neo-nazis or their views. Any such persons found to be extremist will be expelled. Any groups who share our view are welcome to work with us on various local projects.

    It started as a father and son team, then three others joined. Now we have joined up with another reenactment team, to make a solid group containing a good dozen members, working together has been further helped due to the fact that we all live within the NRW region of Germany.

   A soldier from the Oxford and Bucks Regiment during a recent private reenactment in Münster Germany.

   Guy Ticehurst, another expat who not only lives in the same town as Bill Medland, but also served in the same Squadron during his military service.

   The "Home front" is also not forgotten, this photo was taken at Bushey hall Museum in Kent, England, where we are actively involved in a museums project bringing to life the British Home front in WW2.

   Some of our projects take us away from WW2 and into more modern times. Both Bill and Guy are active members of the Royal Air force Museum in Germany. After 25 years Bill has gone full circle and is working once more on the RAF Regiment´s Rapier missile system.

   A display at the museum demonstrating the equipment used during the 1960s by the Royal Air Force stationed in Germany.


   "Volkssturm April 1945" (Waltham Abbey, England in 2009).

   The Reichswald Memorial walk, Germany 2009, the first and only time that a German uniform was worn and a German refugee was represented during this memorial event.

   A German "Heimatfront" project in Kamp-Linfort, Germany (January 2011)

   Bill in wartime German uniform on his favorite motorcycle.

32nd Regiment of Foot (Cornwalls) 1808~1815

   "In the name and on behalf of his Majesty, to authorize you by beat of drum or otherwise to raise so many men in any county within that part of the Prussien Kingdom, as are or shall be wanting to recruit and fill up the respective Companies of his Majestys Regiment of Foot under your command to the numbers allowed on the establishment.........etc.

Major Trevor Jones commanding officer 1st Battalion 32nd Regiment of Foot."