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This is the forth report in the series and covers the Government Ministry buildings of Goering, Himmler and Goebbels.

Josef Goebbels "Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda" is only a very short walk from the Führer Bunker, but being set back from the road and partly hidden from trees, can easily be missed. There are no signs giving information as to the buildings past.

The building has kept its original number 49. It was once across the road from Wilhelmstrasse number 77, the Old Reich Chancellery. The remains of the Old Reich Chancellery and the New Reich Chancellery, including the Führers Study were sadly demolished after the war, they really would have been impressive buildings for those interested in Berlin in the Third Reich.

The second entrance to the Propaganda Ministry can be found on Mauer Strasse numbers 45 to 53.

We now move on to Goerings Air Ministry, this building is very huge and impressive, almost unchanged since 1938. This is the side view from the corner of  Leipzig Strasse and Wilhelm Strasse.

This is the front view (Wilhelm Strasse Number 97), behind me out of camera shot are the railings and gate which have not changed apart from the fact that the two eagles with swastikas have been removed. The court yard is huge.

Another view of the huge court yard from a different angle.

A screenshot from the 1938 film "Die Bauten Adolf Hitlers" showing one of the two once proud eagles at the main entrance gate.

Detail on the outer wall to the gardens, Goering loved big cats and it is only fitting that this detail shows two lions.

Goering with one of his cat cubs, a screenshot taken from a 1936 information film where Goering thanks people for their concern after he was involved in a serious car accident.

One side of the Air Ministry is on Prinz-Albrecht Strasse and this picture was taken from the Air Ministry towards where the Gestapo Headquarters once stood. You will notice that where the Gestapo Headquarters once stood, is now one of the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall.

Having seen this poster on the underground, we decided to visit the Gestapo Headquarters, or at least where the building once stood, as little remains today.


We are now standing on the site of the Gestapo Headquarters, behind the Berlin Wall on the left can be seen the roof tops of the Air Ministry.

The two people are standing where the main entrance would have been. Under a glass canopy work is going on to uncover the front walls of the detention cells, some still have remains of white tiles, it makes one stop and try to imagine what went on there.

An original view of the inner courtyard, there are many pictures on display at the site.

A photo taken from ground level, below the glass are the remains of the cells.

How the building looked in its day, taken from across the road from the Air Ministry.

Moving on along Wilhelm Strasse once more, we pass a grass area which was once the RSHA where Heydrich had his offices (not illustrated). Then we move on next door to the "Angriff" house (Wilhelm Strasse 106). In 1932 the Nazi newspaper "Der Angriff" (The Attack) moved to this address, as with most of the buildings in this area, it was demolished after the war. Mostly a grassed area with paths for tourists to walk along, with signs containing information and images. However, go beyond the trees and parts of the building can still be found, as in this photo.