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   This is the eighth and final report and covers various aspects of the Berlin visits.

    This final part of the 2011 "Berlin Report" is designed to show some of the other sites of Berlin where time did not allow us to visit or where we were only able to take an individual photo and the location really deserved more attention. Further trips are planned for next year covering other locations within Germany.

   Just arrived at Schloss Sanssouci, the gardens are fantastic and we just happen to have four gardeners in our group, so this was theme number one!

   The grave of Friedrich the Great.

   Another view of the Schloss Sanssouci

   We now move on to the Invaliden Cemetery in Berlin, many old names from German history there, including Scharnhorst and Ernst Udet.

   Reinhard Heydrich was also buried at the Invaliden Cemetery in 1942, but the remains were removed after the war, the place of where his grave was positioned can still be located by looking at the original pictures from his state funeral.

   Lovely details to be seen on some of the stone work.

   This picture is from the Strasse des 17. Juni, near the Siegssäule.

   This is a small bridge over a stream in the Tiergarten parks. I love German eagles on buildings and it is always a joy to discover one I had never seen before. It does not matter really if it is from the Hitler Reich or the Kaiser Reich, just has to be something like in the last three photos.

   Opernplatz (now Bebelplatz). Scene of the burning of the books on 10th May 1933.

   A valued late friend of mine who remembered those times told me that the site was chosen because it was across the road from the Humboldt Universität libraries, books were heavy to carry over a long distance. He went on to say that there were not enough banned books available on the day, so anything was burned including old newspapers and pornographic publications which were also banned in the Third Reich.

   An interesting thought and Perhaps no one has really given it any consideration, but huge amounts of books were also burned after April 1945.

   Across the road from where the books were burned is the Humboldt Universität. One can almost imagine Goebbels looking across at the windows and seeing the professors and staff watching their books burning, it must have been a high point for him on that day in 1933.

   Behind the railings you can just make out some book stalls, it was here that I purchased a 1929 first edition of Carlyle´s Friedrich der Grosse, it was perhaps on the library bookshelf when all the books around it were being removed.

   Carlyle´s Friedrich der Grosse, which I purchased for 6 Euro. It was also Carlyle´s first edition that Goebbels would read to Hitler in the Führer Bunker to help keep his spirits up during the last days in April 1945.

   The "New Guard House" during the Third Reich became the hall of fame for heroes and as such featured all through the newsreels during the Second World War.

   In side the "New Guard House", since 1993 it is the official memorial for the victims of war and tyranny.

   The sad remains of the once huge Anhalter Bahnhof (railway station), it was here that Hitler returned from France in triumph in 1940 and perhaps the reason why the Soviets blew it up after the war regardless of the German protests.

   Chaussee Strasse, scene of some very heavy fighting in April 1945. It was on this spot were the SS-Nordland Division halftrack was destroyed in the famous picture.

   The famous Nordland halftrack, the dead soldiers are Swedish nationals from the 11.SS Aufklärungsabteilung.

   Site of the "Peoples Court" and Roland Freisler. Today nothing at all remains from the past, on the site now is the Sony Center.

   The Oylmpic Stadium. Time did not allow us to really visit this very interesting place, something for next year. (I did visit the site some 25 years ago, but the old photos are not of high quality).

   Check Point Charlie and the end of the "Berlin Report" for this year.