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   Welcome to the third article in the series following the historical trail of Horst Wessel. This article covers the birth place and the research was carried out by Bill Medland and Micky Miles. 

   Pastor Dr. Ludwig Wessel and his wife Margarete (born Margarete Richter) moved to Bielefeld in 1906 and was incumbent in the Pauluskirche church on the Paulus Strasse from 1st December 1906 until May 1908. The first son, Horst Ludwig Wessel, was born on the 9th October 1907 at Kaiser Strasse 37.

A postcard showing Horst Wessel as the leader of Sturm 5 in Berlin

Micky and Bill in Bielefeld, both started to collect Third Reich memorabilia at about the same time, in the 1960s as teenagers.

The Pauluskirche Church where Pastor Ludwig Wessel was active

Micky outside the church which was closed, he returned the next day to view it from the inside, but a photo was not possible due to an ongoing church service 

One of the monuments on the church wall dedicated to the 1914-18 war

Other monuments recorded the lists of fallen soldiers from 1914-1918

Bill standing at the side door, this was the closest to Markgrafen Strasse, where pastor Wessel had his office. How many times did he use this path to go back and forth?

Pastor Ludwig Wessel had his office at Markgrafen Strasse number 2

Markgrafen Strasse nr. 2 which is still a building belonging to the church

Micky at the corner of the building showing the number 2

Showing the main entrance to the building

Which letter box would have been used by Pastor Ludwig Wessel?

A last look at the Markgrafen Strasse, the church is just out of view to the right of the picture

Going over our notes with a coffee

This is taken from in front of the church, August Bebel Strasse was the street where Horst Wessel was born

This is an original picture of the house on August Bebel Strasse, it was however called Kaiser Strasse in 1907

Alfred Bebel Strasse nr.37, taken from the same corner at Waldemar Strasse. Due to the fact that there was heavy bombing in Bielefeld during WW2, you can see that the roof section has since been completely rebuilt. The house now has a HiFi shop on the ground floor

August Bebel Strasse, in the Third Reich the street was known as the "Horst Wessel Strasse". (the green rubbish skip is partly blocking the view of house number 37) How many of the people who live there really know the history?