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(If you have not done so, please read the introduction article "German Cigarette Cards")

"Fahnen- und Standartenträger"

Cigarette cards produced by Alva Cigarettes in Bremen during 1933.

The Album Cover

Standard of the Prussian Kürassier Regt.Nr 10 (Regt. Gendarmes) 1750

Standard of the Prussian Kürassier Regt.Nr.9 Prinz v.Schöniach-Carolath 1751

Standard of the Prussian Dragooner Regt.Nr.3 von Truchses 1753

Standard of the Prussian Dragoon Regt.Nr.2 von Blankensee 1754

Flag of the Grenadier Batt. Kurprinzessin (Saxony) 1754

Flag of the Garnison-Bataillon Nr.9 von Luck 1755

Standard of the Prussian Kürassier Regt.Nr.7 von Driesen 1755

Standard of the Prussian Dragoon Regt.Nr.1 von Normann 1755

Flag of Infantry Regt. Nr.5 Alt-Braunschweig 1755

Flag of Infantry Regt. Fehrenheil der Reichsarmee 1756

Flag of the Prussian Infantry Regt. Jung Bevern 1756

Flag of the Prussian Infantry Regt.Nr1 von Winterfeld 1756

Standard of the Hannover Dragoon Regt. von Bock 1756

Standard of the Prussian Dragoon Regt.Nr.5 Markgraf von Ansbach-Bayreuth 1756

Flag of the Hannover Garde-Infanterie Regt. 1757

Flag of the Prussian Infantry Regt.Nr.35 Prinz Heinrich von Preußen 1757

Flag of the Prussian Infantry Regt.Nr.24 von Schwerin 1757

Flag of the Hannover Infantry Regt. von Wangenheim 1757

Regimental Flag of Infantry Regt. Mansbach (Hessen-Kassel) 1758

Flag of the Hannover Grenadier-Eskadron von Brunk 1760

Flag of the Hannover Infantry Regt. von Dreves 1761

Standard of the Garde du Corps Friedrich d. Grosse 1763

Flag of the Hessen Regt. Erbprinz 1780

Standard of the Bavarian Leibdragoner 1784

Flag of the Gibraltar Batt. de la Motte 1784