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   In September 1943 the Italian surrender caused a political vacuum in the Balkan Peninsula, which the Germans filled. The German postal authorities took over the post in Albania, Montenegro, Kotor, Macedonia, Laibach (Ljubljana), Zante and Zara.

    Slovenia had been occupied by the Italians since 3rd May 1941 and had become an Italian province, using Italian postage stamps. After the Italian surrender in September 1943, the Germans set up a Slovenian puppet government and took over the postal administration themselves.

   Italian stamps continued in use, even long after the overprinted stamps had been issued in January 1944 and mixed frankings using both Italian stamps with or without overprint being used on the same covers.

January 1944 - Italian stamps with overprint

   An airmail stamp with the Provinz Laibach overprint. A careful look at the overprint shows that top and bottom the text in in the local language and that left and right it reads in the German language

The complete definitive postal set

Pre-paid letter, the overprint is well off center

Express Airmail

A typical Provinz Laibach postcard

Complete set of Postage Due stamps (used as ordinary stamps during a shortage of the definitive issue)

February 1944 - Charity Issues

On the right of the stamp in Slovienian and German. "For the Homeless" (set of two stamps, same design)

This one was for the Red Cross (set of two stamps, same design)

A further two issues (each with six stamps) represented orphans aid and Winter Help Work

March - May 1945     "Views of Provinz Laibach" Definitive Issue

Cross Grotto at Laas

Zirknitzer Lake

Franzdorf Viaduct

Farm House on Laibach Moor

Rudolfswert Church

Part of the town of Reifnitz

The old castle in Laibach

Town centre of Gottschee

Waterfall "Die Hölle" at Franzendorf

Manor House at Landstraß

Auersperg Castle

Seisenberg Castle

Countryside at the River Gurk

Wördl Castle on the River Gurk

Farm House at Unterkrain

Castle and Church at Tabor

Unissued set

   These stamps were prepared, but due to the war ending, never left the printing works

Overprinted after the war

   A set of 16 stamps using the above overprint were issued by the post-war Yugoslav Tito Government

Post-war Alpenvorland Fantasy Issue

   A set of stamps similar to the Provinz Laibach issue, were printed after the war and sold to collectors as a "newly discovered" or planned occupation issue, this set although of interest, are of no value and are pure fantasy.