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A view of German stamps produced during 1935

16th January 1935. "The Saar Returns to Germany"

"The Saar comes Home" The Saar is represented as a child and Germany as the mother.

15th March 1935. Armed Forces and Heroes Day

The stamps were released on the 15th March and Armed Forces and Heroes Day followed a week later on 21st March 1935. 21st March was the anniversary of "Operation Michael", the last German offensive in 1918, known also as the "Kaiserschlacht".

In the First World War the Germans lost 1.897.686 killed and the Austrian/Hungarians lost 460.000 killed.

The Saarland returning to Germany was a major international victory for Germany, this was followed by the reoccupation of the Rhineland and when the western Allies showed no sign of resisting the German Reichswehr, it was decided to expand the German armed forces.

At the beginning of March 1935 the German armed forces had stood at 7 infantry divisions and 3 cavalry divisions, they would now expand to 12 corps of 36 divisions and an airforce would be included. The Germans had reached a new high and this stamp issue illustrates this.

26th April 1935. Apprenticeship Challenge

On the 1st May 1935 the Apprenticeship Challenges were fought.
The 1st May 1935 was also the second anniversary of the "Workers Holiday".

21st June 1935. composers anniversaries 1935

Heinrich Schütz 350th birthday (1585-1672)
Johann Sebastian Bach 250th birthday (1685-1750)
Georg Friedrich Händel 250th birthday (1685-1759)

23rd June 1935. OSTROPA Philatelic Exhibition

This set was ONLY available at the OSTROPA Philatelic Exhibition in miniature sheets.The watermark "Cross of the Teutonic Order of Knighthood" was ONLY ever seen on these miniature sheets. Each miniature sheet contained four stamps.

The gum on these stamps contained an acid that was harmful to paper and the gum was removed as soon as possible!

10th July 1935. 100 Years of German Railways

An exhibition of German railways was held in Nuremburg in July 1935,
it was here in Nuremburg that the first German railway was built in 1835.
Hitler opened the exhibition and Railway security (Bahnschutz) formed Hitlers
bodyguard for the day and marched under a railway flag.

The "Adler" (Eagle) was the first German run locomotive in 1835, from Nuremburg to Fürth. The other locomotives were Germany´s newest and finest in 1935.

25th July 1935. World Meeting of Hitler Youth

German immigrants settled in every country and the Third Reich kept in contact
with all of them and they were expected to support the Reich even when abroad.
Therefore, Hitler Youth groups were formed as far away as Cape Town in South
Africa, also in Schanghai, China and the USA, to name but a few places.

30th August 1935. Nuremburg Rally 1935

The Nuremburg Rally was held between 11th to the 16th September 1935.

1st October 1935. Welfare Fund

As in every winter, the German postal authorities printed a set of stamps
for winter relief work. The theme this year was traditional costumes.

This postcard issued on the same day and using the 6Rpf design,
was printed for the 1935 harvest festival.

Two large propaganda vignetten for the Winter Relief Fund 1935/36

One can only hope the finger had a different meaning years ago!

5th November 1935. 12th Anniversary of the Munich Putsch

9th November 1923, saw the Munich Putsch, when Hitler tried to take power by force in Munich. The attempt failed, but created martyrs when some of them were shot down by the Munich police. In the Third Reich this event was seen often in the philatelic history, with several stamp and postcard issues, the last time being November 1944.

Translation: "Remember the 9th November 1923!"

25th November 1935. Winter Olympic Set

25th November 1935 saw the sale of the Winter Olympics set, printed a good three months before the Winter Olympics (6th/16th February 1936).