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A view of the German stamps issued in 1937

2nd February 1937. New Post Minister

Wilhelm Ohnesorge 8.6.1872 - 1.2.1962

Germany had a new Postal Minister from 1937, out went the non-Nazi former Post Minister Peter Paul Freiherr von Eltz-Rübenach. He had been under Gestapo surveillance since he had refused the "Golden Party Badge" and his wife refused a "Mothers Cross" after the birth of their six children.(von Eltz-Rübenach died in 1943).

In came a Party man, as the new Post Minister, Wilhelm Ohnesorge, who remained Post Minister until the beginning of 1945, when the Post was taken over shortly before the end of the war by the Railroad Minister (Julius Dorpmüller). The postal authorities had always been linked to the
Transport department and it was common to have officials who had served in both the Post and the Railways.

The Post Minister Wilhelm Ohnesorge was also responsible for Germanys Atom Bomb project and as the leading member of Germanys answer to the "Manhattan Project", it became linked to the offices of the German State Postal Authorities!

From a philatelic point of view, there would be no more restrictions on Hitler appearing on stamp designs, something von Eltz-Rübenach resisted. Although Hindenburg would remain on the definitive issues until the summer 1941.

3rd March 1937. Air Defence League

Air Defence League (RLB) stamp set.
Issued for the 4th anniversary of the Reichs Luftschutz Bund.

5th April 1937. Hitler Miniature Sheet

Although on sale from the 5th April, it is mostly seen cancelled 20th April,
Hitlers 48th birthday. Valid until 31st December 1938.

16th April 1937. Hitler Miniature Sheet (imperforate)

As per the last miniature sheet, but this time no perforations.

10th June 1937. Hitler Miniature Sheet (this time with 25Rpf Surcharge)

Same miniature sheet as before, but this time with a 25Rpf surcharge per stamp.
Once removed from the sheet, the stamp is identical to the one issued in April 1937 and it is impossible to spot the difference!

1st August 1937. Brown Ribbon Horse Race

The Brown Ribbon race of 1937 sold miniature sheets of 1936 with a red overprint dated "1937". It was a cheap way of using up stocks of the 1936 sheets, although post-war, there are some clever fakes, so be careful. Some miniature sheets are known with overprint wrong way up.

1st October 1937. Harvest Festival and Farmers Day

Harvest Festival and Farmers Day 1937 official postcard.
In the Third Reich the status of farmers was elevated to
a very high level, Warrior or Hero of the Nation.

4th November 1937. Winter Relief Fund 1937

For the Winter Relief Fund, a set of 9 stamps and a postcard with an
imprint were placed on sale. Motive for 1937 was "Ships".