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A view of German stamps issued in 1940

3rd March 1940. Leipzig Trade Fair

Trade Fair 3rd-10th March 1940 in Leipzig, stamps printed in Vienna.

28th March 1940. 2nd International Philatelic Exhibition

Exhibition 28th-31st March 1940. To purchase the stamp at the exhibition, one had to show an exhibition entry ticket, stamps were sold one per ticket. From 1st April 1940 the stamp could be obtained through mail order at the collectors counter.

10th April 1940. Hitlers Birthday Stamp

Hitlers 51st Birthday, 20th April 1940. Hitler with Child.
(Caption on postcard "The Liberator of Germany, 30th January 1933")

30th April 1940. May Day stamp

May Day stamp for 1940, printed in Vienna

22nd June 1940. Blue Ribbon Race in Hamburg

The Blue Ribbon Races held in Hamburg 23rd - 30th June 1940

20th July 1940. Brown Ribbon Race 1940

The 7th Brown Ribbon Race, stamp printed in Vienna

25th July 1940. Return of Belgium Districts to Germany

Eupen, Malmedy and Moresnet areas of Belgium, after an absence of 20 years,
return to the Reich!

9th August 1940. 50th Anniversary of Helgoland

50th Anniversary of Helgoland belonging to Germany 1890 to 1940. printed in Vienna.

Did you know?: That after the war British bombers were dropping bomb loads of unwanted stocks of bombs over uninhabited Helgoland, until in 1952 a group of young Germans occupied the island and caused the bombing to stop! (Helgoland was also where the German national anthem was originally written)

5th November 1940. Winter Relief Fund

A set of nine stamps for the German Winter Relief Fund 1940-41

The translation of the text: "Fight, work and Sacrifice"

26th November 1940. Emil von Behring

50th anniversary of the discovery of diphtheria serum.
(Stamps printed in Vienna)