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   The battle of the Rhineland can be read about in the section "Rhineland 1945", whilst this section covers the ORBAT (Order of Battle) of the units involved- British, Canadian and German.The list will be updated from time to time as new information comes to light. The information that I have to hand is between 30 and 60 years old!


   The offensive was carried out by the FIRST CANADIAN ARMY which consisted of just under half a million men split into two corps. To list all of the units, sub units and support elements would take a full website alone! I have listed the ORBAT of the Divisions and Independent Armoured Brigades, with the main interest in the "teeth" elements, although some of the major support elements have been listed also.

   The 2.CANADIAN CORPS which contained both Canadian (two Can. infantry divisions, one Can.armoured division, one Can. Independent armoured brigade, and during the battle British units, the 15th and 52nd Infantry Divisions and the 11th Armoured Division.

   The BRITISH XXX CORPS, which comprised six infantry divisions, one armoured division, three armoured brigades, eleven regiments of specialized armour ( mostly 79th Armoured Div.) and five groups Royal Artillery which consisted of a thousand guns! The Corps also included two anti-aircraft artillery brigades!


2nd Canadian Infantry Division 2.Can.Corps

3rd Infantry Division (carried the battle honour "Rhineland")

3rd Canadian Infantry Division 2.Can.Corps

15th (Scottish) Infantry Division 2.Can.Corps

43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division XXX Corps

51st (Highland) Infantry Division XXX Corps

52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division XXX Corps

53rd (Welch) Infantry Division XXX Corps


Guards Armoured Division XXX Corps

4th Canadian Armoured Division 2.Can.Corps

11th Armoured Division 2.Can.Corps

79th Armoured Division (split up, but mostly in XXX Corps)


2.Canadian Armoured Brigade 2.Can.Corps

4th Armoured Brigade XXX Corps

6th Guards Armoured Brigade XXX Corps

8th Armoured Brigade XXX Corps

34th Armoured Brigade XXX Corps

2.CANADIAN DIVISION (C.O. Maj.-Gen. A.B.Matthews)

4th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig.F.N.Cabeldu)

The Royal Regiment of Canada

The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth regiment)

The Essex Scottish Regiment

5th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig.W.J.Megill)

The Black Watch of Canada (Royal Highlanders)

Le Regiment de Maisonneuve

The Calgary Highlanders

6th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig.R.H.Keefler)

Les Fusiliers Mont Royal

The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada

The South Saskatchewan Regiment


4th Field Regiment

5th Field Regiment

6th Field Regiment

2nd Anti-Tank Regiment

3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

3rd INFANTRY DIVISION (C.O. Maj.-Gen. I.G.Whistler)

RAC- 3rd Recce Regiment

MMG- 2nd Battalion Middlesex Regiment

8th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. E.H.Goulburn)

1st Battalion Suffolk Regiment

2nd Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment

1st Battalion South Lancashire Regiment

9th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. G.D.Renny)

2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment

1st Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers

2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles

185th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. F.R.G.Martews)

2nd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment

1st Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment

2nd Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

Artillery (Self-Propelled)

7th Field Regiment

33rd Field Regiment

76th Field Regiment

20th Anti-Tank Regiment

92nd Light Anti-Aircraft regiment


RAC- 7th Recce Regt. Duke of Yorks Royal Canadian Hussars

MMG- The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa

7th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.G.Spragge, from 20.02.45 Brig. T.G. Gibson)

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles

The Regina Rifles Regiment

The Canadian Scottish Regiment

8th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.A. Roberts)

The Queens Own Rifles

Le Regiment de la Chaudière

The North Shore Regiment (New Brunswick)

9th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.M.Rockingham)

The Highland Light Infantry of Canada

The Stormond,Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders

The North Nova Scotia Highlanders


12th Field Regiment

13th Field Regiment

14th Field Regiment

3rd Anti-Tank Regiment

4th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment


RAC- 15th Recce Regiment

MMG- 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment

44th Infantry (Lowland) Brigade (C.O. Brig. Hon.H.C.Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce)

8th Battalion Royal Scots

6th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers

6th Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers

46th Infantry (Highland) Brigade (C.O. Brig. R.M. Villers)

9th Battalion Cameronians

2nd Battalion Glasgow Highlanders

7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

227th Infantry (Highland) Brigade (C.O. Brig. E.C.Colville)

10th Battalion Highland Light Infantry

2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders

2nd Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders


131st Field Regiment

181st Field Regiment

190th Field Regiment

102nd Anti-Tank Regiment (Northumberland Hussars)

119th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

43rd (WESSEX) INFANTRY DIVISION (C.O. Maj.-Gen. G.I.Thomas)

RAC- 43rd Recce Regiment

MMG- 8th Battalion Middlesex Regiment

129th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.O.E. Vandeleur)

4th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry

4th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment

5th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment

130th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. B.A. Coad)

7th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

4th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment

5th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment

214th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. H. Essame)

7th Somerset Light Infantry

1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment

5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall´s Light Infantry


92nd Field Regiment

112th Field Regiment

179th Field Regiment

59th Anti-Tank Regiment

110th Anti-Aircraft Regiment

51st (HIGHLAND) INFANTRY DIVISION (C.O. Maj.-Gen. T.G. Rennie)

RAC- 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry

MMG 1/7 Battalion Middlesex Regiment

152nd Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. A.J.H. Cassel)

2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

5th Battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders

153rd Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.R.Sinclair)

5th Battalion Black Watch

1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders

5/7 Battalion Gordon Highlanders

154th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.A. Oliver)

1st Battalion Black Watch

7th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

7th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders


126th Field Regiment

127th Field Regiment

128th Field Regiment

61st Anti-Tank Regiment

40th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

52nd (LOWLAND) INFANTRY DIVISION (C.O. Maj.-Gen. E. Hakewill-Smith)

RAC- 52nd Recce Regiment

MMG- 7th Battalion Manchester Regiment

155th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.F.S. MacLaren)

7/9 Battalion Royal Scots

4th Battalion King´s Own Scottish Borderers

6th Battalion Highland Light Infantry

156th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. G.D.Renny)

4/5 Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers

6th Battalion Cameronians

7th Battalion Cameronians

157th Infantry brigade (C.O. Brig. E.H.G.Grant)

5th Battalion Highland Light Infantry

6th Battalion Highland Light Infantry

5th Battalion King´s Own Scottish Borderers


79th Field Regiment

80th Field Regiment

186th Field Regiment

54th Anti-Tank Regiment (Queens Own Royal Glasglow Yeomanry)

108th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

53rd (WELCH) INFANTRY DIVISION (C.O. Maj.-Gen. R.K.Ross)

RAC- 53rd Recce Regiment

MMG- 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment

71st Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. M. Erlington)

4th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers

1st Battalion Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry

1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry

158th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.H.O.Wilsey)

7th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers

1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment

1/5 Battalion Welch Regiment

160th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. C.F.C. Coleman)

6th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers

4th Battalion Welch Regiment

2nd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment


81st Field Regiment

83rd Field Regiment

133rd Field Regiment

71st Anti-Tank Regiment

25th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment



RAC- 268 Forward Delivery Squadron

RAC- 2nd Armoured Recce Battalion Welsh Guards

MMG- 1st Company Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

5th Guards Armoured brigade (C.O. Brig. N.W. Gwatkin)

2nd Armoured Battalion Grenadier Guards

1st Armoured battalion Coldstream Guards

2nd Armoured Battalion Irish Guards

1st Motor Battalion Grenadier Guards

32nd Guards Brigade (C.O. Brig. G.F. Johnson)

5th Battalion Coldstream Guards

3rd Battalion Irish Guards

2nd Battalion Scots Guards


55th Field regiment

153rd Field Regiment (Leicestershire Yeomanry)

21st Anti-Tank regiment

94th light Anti-Aircraft Regiment




4th Armoured Brigade (C.O. Brig. R.W. Moncel)

The Governor Generals Foot Guards

The Canadian Grenadier Guards

The British Columbia Regiment

10th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.C. Jefferson)

The Lincoln and Welland Regiment

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise´s)

The Algonquin Regiment

The Lake Superior Regiment


15th Field Regiment

23rd Field Regiment

5th Anti-Tank regiment

8th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

11th ARMOURED DIVISION ( C.O. Maj.-Gen. G.P.B.Roberts)

RAC- 270th Forward Delivery Squadron

RAC- 15/19 King´s Royal Hussars

29th Armoured Brigade (C.O. Brig. C.B.C. Harvey)

23rd Hussars Regiment

3rd Royal Tank Regiment

2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

8th Motor Battalion The Rifle Brigade

159th Infantry Brigade (C.O. Brig. J.B.Churcher)

4th Battalion King´s Shropshire Light Infantry

3rd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment

1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment


13th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (HAC)

151st Field Regiment (Ayshire Yeomanry)

75th Anti-Tank Regiment

58th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

79th ARMOURED DIVISION (C.O. Maj.-Gen. Sir P.C.S.Hobart)

   The 79th did not operate as a division in the same sense as the other divisions. Due to it´s specialist vehicles, mine clearing etc, the unit found itself split up amongst the other Divisions and Independent Brigades. Sherman Flails, AVRE, Buffalos and Kangaroo personnel carriers.

RAC- 264th Special Delivery Squadron

RAC-269th Forward Delivery Squadron

RAC- 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment

RAC- 49th Armoured Carrier Regiment

30th Armoured Brigade (C.O. Brig. N.W. Duncan)

22nd Dragoons

1st Lothians and Border Horse Yeomanry

2nd County of London Yeomanry (Westminster Dragoons)

1st Army Armoured Brigade (C.O. Brig. P.S.B. Sydenham)

11th Royal Tank Regiment

42nd Royal Tank Regiment

49th Royal Tank Regiment

1st Assault Brigade

5th Assault Regiment

6th Assault Regiment

42nd Assault Regiment

87th Assault Dozer Squadron

149th Assault Park Squadron


( A= Infantry support. B= without infantry support)





4th ARMOURED BRIGADE (A) (C.O. Brig. R.M.P. Carver)

Royal Scots Greys

3rd County of London Yeomanry

44th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment

2nd Battalion King´s Royal Rifle Corps (Motor)

6th GUARDS ARMOURED BRIGADE (B) (C.O. Brig. W.D.C. Greenacre)

4th Tank Battalion Grenadier Guards

4th Tank Battalion Coldstream Guards

3rd Tank Battalion Scots Guards

8th ARMOURED BRIGADE (A) (C.O. Brig. G.E. Prior-Palmer)

4/7 Royal Dragoon Guards

13/18 Hussars

Notinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)

12th Battalion King´s Royal Rifle Corps (Motor)

34th ARMOURED BRIGADE (A) (C.O. Brig. W.S. Clarke)

107th Royal Armoured Corps

147th Royal Armoured Corps

9th Royal Tank Regiment


   The German formations in the battle of the Reichwald (Operation Veritable) 1945, came under the control of General Schlemm (FIRST PARACHUTE ARMY), he fought a costly delaying action, his Corps consisted of the 2. PARACHUTE CORPS, 47. PANZER CORPS and the 86. INFANTRY CORPS. Many of the German formations were weak battle groups recovering from the earlier battles in Normandy or the Eastern Front. Some Divisions were only at Brigade level. But the Germans did have a number of Jagdpanters, and six of the heavy rocket firing Sturmtiger, of which only 12 were built.

2.PARACHUTE CORPS ( Gen. Meindl)

47. PANZER CORPS ( Gen. Von Lüttwitz)

86. INFANTRY CORPS (Gen. Staube)


(C.O. Col. Fiebig)

1051. Grenadier Regiment

1052. Grenadier Regiment

1062. Grenadier Regiment

184. Artillery Regiment

84. Füsilier Battalion

184. Anti-Tank Battalion

184. Engineer Battalion

184. Signal Battalion


( C.O. Maj.-Gen. Bernhard Klosterkemper)

1221. Grenadier Regiment

1222. Grenadier Regiment

1223. Grenadier Regiment

180. Artillery Regiment

180. Füsilier Battalion

180. Anti-Tank Battalion

180. Engineer Battalion

180 Signal Battalion

190. INFANTRY DIVISION- Neumünster Wkr. X

( C.O. Lt.-Gen. Ernst Hammer)

1224. Grenadier Regiment

1225. Grenadier Regiment

1226. Grenadier Regiment

116. PANZER DIVISION- Rheine Wkr. VI

( Maj.-Gen. Siegfried von Waldenburg)

116. Panzer Battalion

60. Panzer Grenadier Regiment

156. Panzer Grenadier Regiment

146. Motorized Artillery Regiment

59. Motorcycle Battalion (may have had Armoured Cars by this time)

116. Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion

146. Anti-Tank Battalion

146. Motorized Engineer Battalion

228. Motorized Signal Battalion


( C.O. Lt.-Gen. Fritz Bayerlein)

130. Panzer Regiment

901. Panzer Grenadier Regiment

902. Panzer Grenadier Regiment

130. Panzer Artillery Regiment

130. Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion

130. Anti-Tank Battalion

130. Panzer Engineer Battalion

130. Panzer Signal Battalion

311. Army Anti-Aircraft Battalion


( C.O. Col. Wolfgang Maucke)

115. Panzer Battalion

104. Panzer Grenadier Regiment

115. Panzer Grenadier Regiment

33. Motorized Artillery Regiment

115. Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion

33. Anti-Tank Battalion

33. Motorized Engineer Battalion

33. Motorized Signal Battalion

6. PARACHUTE DIVISION- formed June 1944- Battlegroup Strength)

( C.O. Lt.-Gen. Hermann Plocher)

16. Parachute Regiment

17. Parachute Regiment

18. Parachute Regiment

6. Parachute Artillery Regiment

6. Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion

6. Parachute Engineer Battalion

6. Parachute Signal Battalion

6. Parachute Anti-Aircraft Battalion

6. Parachute Heavy Mortar Unit.

7. PARACHUTE DIVISION- formed September 1944

( C.O. Lt.-Gen. Wolfgang Erdmann)

19. Parachute Regiment

20. Parachute Regiment

21. Parachute Regiment

7. Parachute Artillery Regiment

7. Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion

7. Parachute Engineer Battalion

7. Parachute Signal Battalion

8. PARACHUTE DIVISION- formed December 1944

( C.O. Lt.-Gen. Wadehn)

22. Parachute Regiment

23. Parachute Regiment ( Never fully formed)

24. Parachute Regiment

8. Parachute Artillery Regiment (not fully formed)

8. Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion (not fully formed)

8. Parachute Engineer Battalion

8. Parachute Signal Battalion