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Die hier gezeigten Abzeichen sind zu edukativen Zwecken dargestellt, aus diesem Grund sind sie nicht abgedeckt. Weiterhin möchte ich auf den folgenden Discliamer aufmerksam machen:

Disclaimer: Die hier gezeigten Abbildungen aus der Zeit des "Dritten Reiches", u.a. mit dem damals obligatorischen "Hakenkreuz", dienen der Berichterstattung über Vorgänge des Zeitgeschehens, der staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung sowie Forschung und Lehre (§ 86a, 86 StGB)

The following is the news headlines as reported in the German "Rheinische Landeszeitung" newspaper April 1940........

15th April 40. Counterattack at Narvik beaten back. Battle cruiser "Renown" damaged. A cruiser of the "Glasgow" class torpedoed. Prompt advances into the south of Norway. 5 enemy submarines destroyed.

16th April 40. Fast German advances into Norway. Narvik in German hands. Coastal defences going according to plan. Norwegen troops forced over the Swedish border.

17th April 40. German troops in occupation of the iron ore railway. The Swedish border is reached in the north. The British fire on Narvik without a clear plan.

18th April 40. Honour the German soldier. Build-up of war help for the German Red Cross. Dr Goebbels gives account of the War Relief Work.

19th April 40. Honour Roll of the German Kriegsmarine. The heroic stand made by the destroyer group at Narvik. They fought until the last round.

German troops are brought on land

20th April 1940. With Adolf Hitler to victory! The German people greet the Führer with pride and are battle ready.

The Führer with his soldiers

The Commander in Chief with his generals

Führer and Feldherr

21st April 40. Wartime birthday of the Führer. Best wishes from the Wehrmacht. Göring reports on Scrap Metal Drive. Joyful crowd in front of the Reichskanzlei.

22nd April 40. British question Rome and Moscow. An insult. Italy and Russia should answer for their actions, says England.

The Führers 51st birthday. The joyful crowd in front of the Reichskanzlei

23rd April 40. 11 enemy aircraft shot down. Land contact between Oslo, Christiansand and Stavanger. 2 enemy submarines destroyed. Our recce aircraft flew over Bordeaux. Vast amounts of captured equipment in Norway.

More German troops land in Oslo

A new German postage stamp due out on the 1st May 1940

24th April 40. New victories for German flyers. Successful attacks on British warships and transports. Fantastic success for German bombs.

25th April 40. 3 British bombers shot down. British air attack on Stavanger fails. Part of a Norwegian division disarmed.

German forces battle with Norwegian mountain troops

26th April 40. Raeder talks about the fleet action. The Grossadmiral speaks out about Churchill´s lies. "Gneisenau", "Scharnhorst", "Lützow" and "Bremen" are not sunk. Minimum losses for the Luftwaffe. England´s minefields are useless against the German fleet.

27th April 40. British warships shell Norwegian civilians. Women are also killed at Narvik.

28th April 40. War criminals, documents about the plans of the Western Allies in Norway. British troops were on their way already on 8th April. The guilt lies with the Norwegians. Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop speaks with the Diplomatic Corps and the Press.

29th April 40. A fatal blow for England. After military defeat, comes the news of criminal politics. British government shaken to the ground. Germany makes captured documents public.

A new film showing from 1st May 1940. Heinrich George in "The Post Master".

30th April 40. Shameful embarrasment in the House of Commons. The Norwegian adventure did not go the way Churchill wished. The British are bankrupt in every direction!