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Die hier gezeigten Abzeichen sind zu edukativen Zwecken dargestellt, aus diesem Grund sind sie nicht abgedeckt. Weiterhin möchte ich auf den folgenden Discliamer aufmerksam machen:

Disclaimer: Die hier gezeigten Abbildungen aus der Zeit des "Dritten Reiches", u.a. mit dem damals obligatorischen "Hakenkreuz", dienen der Berichterstattung über Vorgänge des Zeitgeschehens, der staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung sowie Forschung und Lehre (§ 86a, 86 StGB)

The following is the news headlines as reported in the German "Rheinische Landeszeitung" newspaper June 1940........

1st June 40. Fighting against the remnants of the British Army. Main German divisions freed for other tasks, Kriegsmarine take over the coastal defences.

2nd June 40. Heavy losses for the encircled enemy. In Lille reports of 26,000 prisoners. Luftwaffe sinks five transports and damaged 3 warships and a further 10 merchant ships. New U-Boat success. Enemy tank attack on Abbeville blocked.

3rd June 40. The remnants of the British Army badly hit. At Dunkirk 18 warships and 49 transports sunk or damaged. Neuport captured. First air attack on Marseille harbour. Railway lines destroyed form Lyon to Marseille.

4th May 40. 330,000 prisoners in Flanders. big advances at Dunkirk. 2 destroyers, a smaller naval ship and a transport sunk. Forbach in the Maginot-Line falls. New air attacks in the Rhone valley and Marseille.

5th May 40. Over 1,2 million prisoners taken in the greatest battles of the war. Weapons and material captured would be enough for between 75 to 80 divisions. About 3,500 aircraft have been destroyed. Heavy losses for the western powers in warships. Our losses minimal.

A French column near Peronne, destroyed by the Luftwaffe 

6th June 40. Dunkirk captured and 40,000 prisoners taken. Battle of the Somme starts.

The funeral of another local SA leader, this time Peter Schneider who fell in  France

7th June 40. Operations against France proceed to plan. Important airfields are attacked in France, east and south-east coast of England. Cherbourg has been bombed by the Luftwaffe. Prisoners taken at Dunkirk now number 58,000.

8th June 40. Cherbourg harbour bombed again. The Weygand-Line broken through at all points. More attacks on British airbases. 74 enemy aircraft shot down.

An enemy bunker made to look like a service station!

9th June 40. Dover harbour bombed. Enemy ships sunk by U-boat. A crusier hit by two bombs. 71 enemy aircraft destroyed. Prisoners taken at dunkirk now number 88,000. 

10th June 40. Enemy forced into retreat. "Scharnhorst" and "Gneisenau" in the North Sea/ "Glorious" sunk. Aisne reached. Cherbourg and Paris bombed.

11th June 40. Italy marches on Germany´s side.

From Rome lat night, 10th June, at 7pm, the Duce of Fascist Italy, Benito Mussolini from the balcony
of the Palazzo Venezia declared to the Italian people, and the world.
Italy has joined in the fight on the side of Germany against England and France.

The motto is Victory! The Fascist creed dictates that we march together to the end.

The picture shows a small Italian infantry gun moving into position.

The Italians are already fighting on the Italo-French border!

12th June 40. Heavy enemy forces destroyed. French gouvernment flees from Paris to Tours. Cruiser and four transports sunk in the North Sea.

13th June 40. German troops are 20km from Paris. Seine crossed at many points. Rouen, Reims and Compiegne occupied. Marne is reached.

14th June 40. Marne crossed at many points. Over 100,000 prisoners taken.

15th June 40. Victorious entry into Paris. Seine crossed on a wide front.  Le Havre taken. Montmedy in our hands. 9 transports and an armed merchant vessel sunk. Argonnerwald reached.

16th June 40. Maginot-Line broken through on a wide front. Verdun taken. 200,000 prisoners and 43 enemy aircraft destroyed.

17th June 40. Victorious advances along the whole front. Enemy pushed back to the Loire. Langres Plateau reached.

The Führer with his staff at the Führer Headquarters. (Note: the white area above Bormanns head, has someone been removed by the censur?)

The first picture of the German entry into Paris

18th June 40. France is finished. Pétain requests peace. The Führer meets with the Duce.

19th June 40. French breakout defeated, 100 tanks taken at Nevers. 100,00 Frenchmen taken prisoner. Luftwaffe attack Rennes railway station. Führer meets Duce in Munich.

20th June 40. The Reich battle flag flies over the church at Strassburg, German troops have entered the old German city. luneville and the fortress of Toul have fallen.

SS-Obergruppenführerr Weitzel was killed during an RAF bombing raid on Düsseldorf a few days ago.

21st June 40. British industry bombed, Luftwaffe punish England. In France Brest has fallen.

22nd June 40. Germany´s aim- a new peace. German and French delegations meet in the forest of Compiégne.

Capitulation of France

The French will surrender six hours after the surrender treaty is signed with Italy.
In Berlin it is announced, 22nd June by the Wehrmacht High Command:
On 22nd June at 6:50 pm German summer time in a forest at Compiégne, the Franco-German peace treaty was signed. Generaloberst Keitel signed for Germany and General Huntziger signed for France.


The funeral of Fritz Weitzel, behind Gauleiter Florian is Frau Scholz-Klink and General der   Polizei Daluge.

The laying of the funeral wreath at the Nordfriedhof in Düsseldorf.

23rd June 40. Capitulation of French forces in Elsass-Lothringen. In Compiégne France accepts the German terms, now Italy needs to agree.

24th June 40. Countless material in Elsass-Lothringen fall into our hands. St.Nazaire in taken. 16,000 ton tanker torpedoed by a U-Boat. 49 enemy aircraft destroyed.

The Franco-Italian peace treaty was signed on the 24th June at 7:15 pm German summer time, and this information was passed to the German gouvernment at 7:35 pm, therefore the peace treaty came into force on 25th June at 1:35 am German summer time. With this news is the war in the west at an end!

25th June 40. The war in the west has ended.

The greatest victory of all time!

Announcement from the Führerhauptquartier:
German people! Your soldiers have in just under six weeks, fought an heroic  battle in the west against a brave enemy, which has now reached an end. Their deeds will go down in history as the greatest victory of all time.
We thank God for this victory. The flags will fly thoughout the Reich for ten days and the church bells will ring for seven days.

Signed Adolf Hitler.

26th June 40. The peace treaty- All German war prisoners and German civilians  in French hands are to be handed back without delay.

27th June 40. England at a low point. England worries about her position in the near, and far east.

The French  peace treaty officials arrive    in Rome.

General der Infanterie von Stülpagel, chairman of the peace treaty commission.

Luftgau Belgien: The funeral of Generalmajor Lüb killed in an air crash on 25th June 1940

28th June 40. England hoped to win with the help of lies, the German victory  has destroyed those hopes.

29th June 40. Five white papers have fallen into our hands detailing Englands  war guilt.

30th June 40. Britain leaves the Channel Islands, the man in the street hears  the same old lie "New Evacuation Plans".

Marschall Balbo killed in an air battle. His aircraft was shot down in flames near Tobruk in Lybia.
The marschall was a leading figure in the Italian forces, his loss will be a major blow for the Italians.

From Berlin 28th June 1940 comes the following report:

More radio criminals charged

In recent days more radio criminals have been charged by the courts for listening to enemy propaganda and passing it on to others.
The pig-feeder Adreas Kottke born in 1888, convicted of lisening to enemy hate-news and passing it on.
He was given four years prison and four years loss of honour.
In Magdeburg Otto Schulze, born in 1893, sentenced to five years prison and ten years loss of honour.
Schulze listened to the enemy radio and passed on hate propaganda at least ten times between October 1939 and January 1940.
In Innsbrück Leonhard Helzler was convicted of boasting about lisening to enemy propaganda over a period of several months, even though it was against the wishes of his family. Helzler was given 5 years prison.
In Magdeburg Otto Watzrodt born in 1912, talked his work colleagues into  listening to foreign broadcasts, which the boss then allowed them to do. All these criminals recieved tough sentences.
In Saarbrücken, Johann Ketzler born in 1887, convicted and sentenced to four years prison and five years loss of honour. Ketzler lisened to radio Strassburg and passed on the lies that had been broadcasted.

These traitors listened to and passed on the lies broadcasted by our enemy: by commiting this crime, they destroy the spirit and morale of the whole German people! There is only one thing to do with such traitors, and that is to make them a head shorter! Give these creatures the death penalty.