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   A few years ago I managed to obtain an eight page document handed out to all of the people attending the Nuremburg Trials 1945/ 1946. It is on poor quality paper and is falling apart in places, so I felt it was important to include the document in Bills Bunker before it is unreadable. I have copied it page for page adding only a few corrections to the text.

   This then was the Press document that was carried into the court on the first day, it is full of spelling mistakes, some important information left out, and appeared to have been a rushed affair, containing a brief introduction to each of the defendants. The drama of the trial, the war of words between Justice Jackson and Hermann Göring which was the highlight of the trial would happen later, the fate of the defendents would be known October 1946.

The front page of the document

The floor plan of the court room

Key to the numbers in the floor plan

1 Interpreters. 2 Defense Counsels. 3 Marshall of the Court. 4 Witness Stand

5 Speakers Stand. 6 Court Recorders. 7 Secretaries to the Court.

8 Volchkow Russian Alternate Judge. 9 Maj.Gen. Nikitchenko Russian Judge.

10 Mr Justice Birkett Brit Alternative Judge. 11 Lord Justice Larence Brit Judge.

12 Atty.Gen. Biddle american judge. 13 Mr Justice Parker U.S. Alternate Judge.

14 De Vabres French Judge. 15 Falco French Alternate Judge.

16 Prosecutors Desk. 17 British Prosecutors. 18 American Prosecutor Justice

Jackson. 19 Russian Prosecutors. 20 French Prosecutors.

Seating Plan of the Accused

Back Row from left to right

Doenitz. Raeder. von Schirach. Saukel. Jodl. von Papen. Seyss-Inquart. Speer. von Neurath. Fritsche.

Front Row from left to right

Goering. Hess. Ribbentrop. Keitel. Kaltenbrunner. Rosenberg. Frank. Frick. Streicher. Funk. Schacht.

The Defendents

The twenty-one War Criminals on trial at the International Military Tribunel Court in Nurnberg, Germany.

GOERING, Hermann Wilhelm

Successor designated to Hitler Sept.1939- Member of the Reichstag 1928- President of Prussian State Council 1935- President of the Reichstag 1933- Prime Minister of Prussia and commander of the Prussian Police 1933- Reich Minister for Air 1935- Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe 1935- Trustee for the Four Year Plan October 1936- Reichsmarschall 1940- Chairman of Ministerial Defense Council- Reich Hunting and Forest Master- SS General- SA General.

HESS, Rudolf

Deputy Führer for all Party Affairs until 1941- Succssor Designate II, of the Führer 1939/1941.

RIBBENTROP, Joachim von

Party Delegate for Questions of Foreign Policy- Reich Foreign Minister Feb.1938- Member of the Secret Cabinet Council- Member of the Reichstag- SS Brigadier General.


Reichleiter for Ideology and Foreign Policy 1933- Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories 1941- Member of the Reichstag- SA General- Publisher of NS monthly periodical.

Born 1893 in Reval; of German Baltic extraction; studied architecture; did not participate in fighting in 1914/1918; in 1918 in Paris; rumoured to have been a spy; continued studies in München; joined Nazi Party; first editor of "Völkischer Beobächter" 1921; participated in 1923 Pütsch; since then always one of the most prominent Nazi leaders; 1933 Hitler´s private envoy in London; 1941 Reich Minister for Eastern Occupied Territories; has been the official Party "philosopher"; his book "Mythos des 20. Jahrhunderts" ranks in Party literature second only to Hitler´s "Mein Kampf"; was also responsible for the introdution of the crudest form of anti-Semitism into Germany and the Nazi Party.


Governor General of Poland 1939- Reich Minister without Portfolio- Member of the Reichstag- SS General- Chief of Party Lawyers Organisation 1933/42- President of International Chamber of Law and Academy of German Law 1933/42.

Born 1900; father was a barrister and struck off register for corruption; studied law, one of the leading Party lawyers before 1933; in 1933 Bavarian Minister of Justice; until summer 1942 leader of NRSB, head of Party law division succeeded by Thierach; 1939/1945 Governor General of Poland.


Chief of Reich Security Department, Jan.1934- Chief of Criminal Police,Div.V- Reichsicherheithauptar 1941- Member of the Reichstag- General of Police- SS General.

Born 1903,Reid (Austria); elementry school; law studies in Graz; 1926 Doctor; 1933 Gauradner and legal adviser to the SS, in Austria; 1933/34 commander of SS Standarte 37 and later whole of SS, in Austria; 1934 took part in Dollfuss Pütsch and was imprisoned in Wollersdorf detention camp for 4 1/2 months; Later one year in prison; March 1938 Commander of SS Abschnitt Ostmark; Staatsekretar for security in the Syss-Inquart government; SS Brigade Führer; 1941 Generalleutnant der Polizei; Jan.1943 Chef des RSHA; 1944 War Merit Cross with Swords; Jan.1945 reported Chef of Amt V.

FRICK, Wilhelm

Reichsleiter Head of Nazi Parliamentary Group in Reichstag- Reich Minister of Interior 1933/43- Member of Ministerial Council 1939/43- Reich Protector in Bohemia and Moravia August 1943- Member of Secret Cabinet Council- SS General.

Born 1887 Alsenz,Pfalz; father teacher; law studies at Gottingen, Berlin, Heidelberg universities; since 1900 in state administrative service; 1904/24 with Munich Police, no war service; after 1919 early sympathiser with Nazi Party; helped "Feme" murders (Freikorps Members) to escape capture; took part in 1923 Pütsch therefore never served; 1930/31 Minister in Thuringen (first German Nazi Government); in charge of education; 30 Jan. 1933 Reich Minister of Interior; 1939 member of Ministerrat für die Reichsverteidigung; succceeded by Himmler August 1943; since then Reichsinspector.

SPEER, Albert

Reichsleiter Head of Party Technical Affairs Office- Building Inspector for Party Rallies 1933- Building Inspector for Berlin 1937- Reich Minister for Armament and War Production Feb.1942- Plenipotentiary for Building, Electric and Water Power- Chief Ruhr War Damage Repair Commission- Chief of Organization Todt, Feb.1942- President Reich Research Council.

PAPEN, Franz von

Vice Chancellor 1933/34- Ambassador to Turkey to 1944.

Born 1879.

JODL, Alfred

Chief of Staff (Operational) High Command of the Wehrmacht 1942.

NEURATH, Constantin von

Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs1932/38- President of Secret Cabinet Council 1938- Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia 1939/41- Member of the Reichstag- SS General 1943- Member of the Academy for German Law.


Reich Minister of Interior and Security 1938/39- Reichsstathalter Ostmark 1939/40- Reich Commissioner for Occupied Netherlands 1940- Reich Minister without Portfolio 1940- SS General- President of the German Academy.


Admiral Inspector of German Navy 1943- Commander in Chief of German Navy 1928/43.


Ministerial Director- Reich Ministry of Propaganda- Bevollmachtigter für die Politische Gestaltung des Grossdeutsches Rundfunks. ( Plenipotentiary for the Political supervision of broadcasting in Greater Germany)- Head of Broadcasting Division in Propaganda Ministry.


Gauleiter of Frankonia 1933/36- Editor of "Der Stürmer"- notorious anti Semite- Member of the Reichstag- schoolmaster by profession- honorary leader of SA.

KEITEL, Wilhelm

Field Marshall and Chief of Oberkommando der Wehrmacht.

Born 1882 Helmscherede (Braunschweig); 1901 Fahnrich; 1914/18 Adjutant and staff appointments; 1919 member of Freikorps; 1920/25 Military School and Regimental appointments; 1925 Reichswehr Ministry; 1929 head of Army Organization Dept.; 1931 Oberst; 1934 General Major; 1935 Wehrmachtamt; 1938 appointed as above; Nov.1938 Generaloberst; July 1940 Generalfeldmarschall; 1940 Knights Cross; conducted French Armistice negotiations at Compiegne; one of the Pro Hitler Generals.

FUNK, Walter, Dr.

Vice President of the Reich Culture Chamber- Secretary of State in Propaganda Ministry 1933/1937- Reich Minister of Economics 1937- President of the Reichsbank 1939- Member of the Ministerial Defense Council.

Born 1890 Trakennen (Ostpreussen); studied law, economics, philosophy, literature; music at Berlin and Leipzig; 1912 journalist; 1916 on staff of "Berliner Borsenzeitung"; 1921/1930 chief editor of same; joined Nazis and became economic advisor to Hitler; 1932 Mdr.; 1933 Press Chief of the Reich Government and Stattssekretar in Ministry of Propaganda; helped Goebbels in creating Chamber of Culture; Nov.1937 succeeds Schacht as Minister of Economics; 1939 succeeds Schacht also in presidency of Reichsbank; unlike most other Nazi leaders, was not a failure before starting his Party career; has no economic programme of his own, but is largely an opportunist; most of the war important responsibilities of his Ministry were given to Speer in 1944; since then, may have lost his seat on the Ministerrian directorships include Golddiskontbank, Continentale OI,AC.

SCHACHT, Hjalmer

Reich Minister for Economics 1933/36- Commissioner of Four Year Plan 1936- Reich Minister without Portfolio 1936/39- President of the Reichsbank until 1939.

Born 1877 Tingleff (Schleswig); educated at the Gymnasium in Hamburg; was a journalist in Berlin; joined the staff of a propaganda office of the German export industry; 1903 head of Economic Archives of Dresdner Bank; 1908 Deputy Director of same Bank; 1914/18 financial advisor of the Banking section of the German General Government in Belgium; 1916 having left the Dresdner Bank joined the staff of the "Nationalbank für Deutschland"; 1918 joined the Democratic Party; Nov.1923 was appointed Currency Commissioner and President of the Reichsbank; 1930 came in to contact with Hitler and made financial resources available to him; was again President of the Reichsbank under Hitler and in 1936 became Economic Director of the Third Reich; was first Commissioner of the Four Year Plan, but succeeded by Goeing in 1936, thus losing the position as Minister of Economics; Nov 1937 reinstated as Minister of Economics; Jan.1939 removed from Presidency of Reichsbank; 1943 was reported to have been expelled from the Nazi Party; his arrest was reported in Autumn 1944, but he was subsiquently supposed to have been released; in Jan.1945 he was again said to be in prison in Berlin.


Commander in Chief Navy- Commander in Chief U-Boats- Chancellor May 1945.

(Doenitz was in fact Reichspresident in May 1945, Goebbels was the one named as Chancellor, a post which he held for 24 hours.- Bill Medland).

Born 1891 Grunar (nr.Berlin); 1910 joined Navy; 1914 transferred to Naval Air Arm; became flight observer, later, seaplane squadron leader; 1916/1918 U-Boat service; taken prisoner; 1919 taken over by new German Navy; 1929 commanded cruiser "Emden"; 1932 on staff of the Naval Station "North Sea"; 1935 Kapitan zur See and commander of U-Boats; 1939 Konteradmiral; 1940 Vice Admiral; 1942 Admiral; 1943 Grossadmiral; since Jan.1943 commander as above; April 1940 Knights Cross; 1943 Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross.

SCHIRACH, Baldur von

Chief of Reich Youth 1932- Gauleiter of Vienna- Member of the Reichstag 1932- Reichsstatthalter of Vienna- Reich Defense Commissioner- Hitler Youth Leader 1932- President of "Friends of German Academy".

Born 1907 Weimar; son of theatrical director; was educated at Weimar and there heard Hitler speak; 1925 joined the NSDAP while studying at Munich Univ.; 1927 appointed leader of NS Students Union; 1932 became a member of the Reichstag and National Leader of the German Youth; May 1933 was named "Leader of the Youth of the German Reich"; has written verses, songs and books for the movement.


Gauleiter of Thuringen 1927- Reichsstaathalter of Thuringen 1933- Plenipotentiary General for Manpower March 1942- Reich Defense Commissioner.